Read Testimonials From Satisfied Patients

The following testimonials show what our real-life patients have to say about Evolution Medical’s comprehensive treatment protocols. Feel free to check out our reviews on our Google Business page and Better Business Bureau page as well.

“The staff was amazing, they never made me feel uncomfortable or embarrassed. I could not believe how well the very first treatment worked. I am feeling back to my old self, and wish I would have known about them years ago. I highly recommend the clinic, the results are nothing short of amazing..”Porsha D.

“Works as promised! Dr. K, Todd, Anthony, and Dave are the best. Never uncomfortable, just great results!!.”Kris B.


“This team’s methodical and carefully customized program has brought me back from a depressing and relationship-damaging inadequacy to a revived capacity and libido that I have been missing for more years than I realized. I had been through the sildenafil headaches and scarring from needles, and pretty much given up. It has taken several months of wave treatments, and also supplementation of testosterone via the pellets, to heal and restore my virility. The folks there will never embarrass you–I expected to be embarrassed by the whole situation but never have been. The doctor, therapists and staff are all supportive and seem to be really dedicated to helping people like me. I appreciate that they do not look for more charges or stick me with surprises. I’m sure I sound like an ad, but this is the place to go if you want your life as a male back..”Brian P.

“Amazing results. Amazing professionals. Restored my youthful vigor. Best investment I have ever made in my life.” – Mark W.

“My name is Patrick Kelley, I’m 72 yrs old, I’m a Vietnam Veteran with PTSD and I’ve had ED for 31 years. I’ve learned ED is caused by blockage of the penal arteries, blood vessels, not caused by the narcotics I’ve taken over the years. I understand depression, heart problems, and other health issues can also be a factor affecting ED. My tested testosterone is 500. That said… I’m very happy with the ED “shock wave” therapy results. To date, I’ve had 15 of 16 treatments and I couldn’t be happier! I was able to obtain great erections in a short time (2 shock wave applications) or 2 weeks. Per my last shock wave treatment (#15) I obtained a magnificent +10 erection, one I was able to maintain, with stimulation, over a period of 15 minutes! Evolution Medical has changed my life, changed my sexual confidence and ability. I found Dr. Kirkpatrick to be a great doctor; pleasant, professional, knowledgeable, insightful, informative, and concerned about my individual ED symptoms/needs. The staff at Evolution Medical was top notch for a men’s ED clinic. Dave, Hayat, and Anthony were professional throughout, caring, put-you-at-ease type of folks. I never felt abnormal, out of place, or imposed upon. The equipment used, was top notch, state of the art. Procedures were always throughly explained/defined. EM’s medical environment was key to making me feel at home. The length of the “shock wave” procedure was always short. You go in and out quickly, I enjoyed going there. I highly recommend Evolution Medical (100%) as a cure for ED! Please don’t use my last name.”Patrick K.



“From my first phone call to Evolution to my last treatment I was treated with the ultimate in care and service. Was made to feel comfortable and the results are fantastic. Even took it to the next level and got the pellets and made me feel like I am in my 30’s again. From the owner to the staff i was traeted like a friend. “Gary F.

“After nearly ten years of issues with ED, and all the many problems associated with ED in an ongoing relationship, the solution is a miracle. The staff at Evolution Medical makes the solution obtainable, comfortable, and professional. After trying two of the other clinics, as well as Viagra, Evolution Medical, and the staff at Evolution Medical, have restored me to the vitality I once enjoyed in my forties and fifties. An important part of my life is once again possible, thanks to Evolution Medical.”Mel C.


“After several years of looking for a solution of my Diabetes, ED and Weight Gain I found the one stop facility who did not just recommend more pills, needles and medication. Yes, they introduced safe and natural ways to get me back on track and healthy again. There friendly professional staff have addressed all my issues and I have found success for my Diabetes, ED and Weight Loss. In just a few short weeks my diabetes is under control and am working on literally getting off all medications and insulin. My ED treatments have corrected my problem and gave me the confidence for intimate relations again. The program for weight loss is working and in a few short weeks I am down over 13 pounds on the way to 10 to 15 more. I am so happy with these folks and recommend them as a truly holistic approach to all my issues that I have been dealing with for years. Don’t wait a minute longer, go and talk with these people and experience the incredible success that will get you “back on track and healthy again” like me.”Jim J.