Check out Gary’s Amazing Health Transformation He lost 51lbs!!


Our October Client of the Month is Gary Hayman.  We are so proud of his success.  He Lost 51 lbs and reversed his Type 2 Diabetes AND was able to eliminate all of his prescription medication!

Here is a picture of all of the medications eliminated. WOW!


Here is Gary’s Amazing Story

I was introduced to the Body N Balance program a few years ago through my sister. I was really skeptical about the program to begin with as I had not seen any improvement in my weight, diabetes or overall health through the traditional medical and drug therapy approach. As a matter of fact, I would say that my weight and health got worse with time while in the traditional medical system. My diabetes was getting worse on the drugs, not better, and my overall quality of life was declining substantially. After deciding enough was enough and that I was tired of just taking more drugs I decided to take a chance on the Body N Balance program and I’m really glad I did. When I started the program I weighed 210 lbs and was on 7 different prescription drugs, including Insulin. It was hard to begin with due to my poor health but things began to rapidly improve and my body adjusted and got used to the real food and nutrients that Dr. Cadwell recommended for me on the program. By the time I completed the program I was off ALL of my pharmaceutical drugs and weighed 157 lbs….if your wondering, that is 53 pounds I lost! That was 3 years ago! And the weight is still off and I DO NOT take any pharmaceutical drugs! Also before the Body N Balance program I couldn’t work….I am now working and my overall quality of life is 1000% better than before I did the Body N Balance program. I adopted the healthy lifestyle that Body N Balance teaches. I learned what my body likes and doesn’t likes and have become so empowered and educated through this process! I am so happy with the results this program gave me and what I learned about what being truly healthy means!

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