Great Healthy Easy Vanilla Pudding Recipe

Are you tired of puddin up with a lackluster dessert recipe?  Are you short on time? Then Try this fantastic Easy Vanilla Pudding Recipe.  But wait, there’s more….IT’S HEALTHY!  Try this for your family and friends and you can be sure they will be overwhelmed with how delicious it is.  Just don’t tell them your secret of how easy it is (we won’t.)

Prep Time 10 mins

Total Time 10 mins
Stage: 2-3 and Beyond
Servings: 4
Calories: 45

• 1 cup Cottage Cheese, lowfat, organic
• SweetLeaf Vanilla Crème Stevia, to taste, approximately 20 drops

1. Place all ingredients in a mini-food processor or magic bullet
2. Process until smooth and creamy
Recipe Notes
• This can be used in place of ice cream or whip cream
• Cottage Cheese can be a cautionary item for some people